Warranty Terms

In addition to the respective country-specific statutory warranty that applies for the consumer, SEIDO Components (hereafter “Seido”) warranties the replacement of original Seido products due to defects in material and / or workmanship according to the conditions as stated below.


Duration of the warranty

Carbon forks: 2 years Steel forks: 2 years Wheelsets: 2 years All other parts are covered by a 1 year limited warranty period. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser only and not transferable to other persons! Proof of purchase is required to validate protection under this limited warranty. Coverage This warranty does not cover damages that occurred through crashes, modification, abuse of the products, improper assembly and maintenance or failed repair attempts, as well as corrosion and normal wear and tear. Furthermore not covered are the following component-specific defects:


Cranks: Damage to Pedal threads / damage to axle following bearing failure.

Chainrings: Wear caused by chain.

Bottom Brackets: Bearing wear or damage due to lubrication wash out, damaged seals or improper assembly.

Bar Tape: Abrasion, crash damage, normal wear.

Tires: Normal wear and tear and improper assembly, exceeded pressure limits, usage on unsuitable rims.

Pedals: Normal wear and abrasion of binding mechanism or retention pins, bearing wear.

Saddles: Normal wear and abrasion, crash damages.

Hubs / Cassette bodies: Bearing wear or damage due to lubrication wash out, biting from not fully tightened cassette lockrings.

Wheels: Runout due to wear and tear and impacts. Corrosion from tubeless sealant. Exceeding rated max. weight and pressures.

Claims must be sent through an authorized dealer/distributor. This warranty is limited to replacing the defective part without charge and the company shall in no event be responsible for consequential or special damages and personal injury.


SEIDO Crash Replacement

In the unfortunate event of a crash, or a similar product failure that is not caused by a defect in material and workmanship, rendering the part unsafe to ride, Seido aims to help out its riders where it can and therefore, after an evaluation through the same claim procedure as above, can grant the following crash replacements on original Seido products:


Aluminium Wheelsets: 20% on local MSRP incl. Tax.

Carbon Wheelsets: 15% on local MSRP incl. Tax.

Carbon Forks: 15% on local MSRP incl. Tax.

Steel Forks: 15% on local MSRP incl. Tax.


These conditions are valid within the same duration as the warranty durations only.